February 13, 2011

The daily dance

It's been another busy few days. Thank goodness for the sanity the weekend brings. Time to get some projects done, start some others, keep the fabric of your life from unraveling. But it can also bring its own frenzy.

The seed swap was Saturday morning. It was the first year we went and it was nice to see a large number of people there. It was held indoors at the Basque Center, and they had an open mic so that people could share their stories about any special seeds they may have brought. We took some of our own flower seeds and came home with many kinds of flower and vegetable seeds to plant in our garden. I am excited to plant the hybrid Idaho/Pawnee sweet blue corn that a local gardener has been growing successfully here for 6 years.

Then there are bills to pay, and this time of year the taxes to start filling out. Dogs to walk, laundry to wash, the list is almost endless. Luckily for me I'm not the kind of person who has to have everything done in order to start something new. That's the dance.

Finish one thing, say the cleaning the kitchen; start a project dear to my heart - felting. In between placing the wool layers or shrinking the felt - laundry; or chopping vegetables for soup; more felting; gathering the eggs; doing the dishes - again.

You get the idea. Most of us lead lives like this, which is why we need those creative breaks between the  same old daily grind. I created two beautiful, functional objects this weekend which makes me feel good. About myself, about my life and about the world. If we all kept ourselves creatively engaged I think we would have a more peaceful world. There is definitely a need for us to keep our lives tangled with creative endeavors, traditional cooking, backyard chickens and gardens. It is good for our planet, our bodies and our sanity.

Besides, I love dancing.

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