March 18, 2011

Waiting for spring!

Welcome to my Garden! I hope to write about much that happens outdoors at my house. Gardening, building projects, outdoor-gathering ideas, pets and chickens.

On Sunday, spring will officially be here. The weather is supposed to be lovely on Sunday, but we've had quite a week of wild weather here in Boise, Idaho. Take a look at our yard earlier this week!

 The previous weeks' nice weather didn't last. Good thing we were expecting more chilly temperatures!

March 13, 2011

Homemade Italian Bread

Last week I said I would try making my Italian bread recipe with the liquid whey left from my cheese-making. After reading different things about acid whey and sweet whey, I wasn't sure what my bread would taste like, or if it would work at all. Because I used lemon juice for curdling the milk (acid whey) it sounded like my bread would not come out well but hey, I had to try. If I'm gonna stick with making cheese I need to incorporate the by-products into my life and not just throw them away. Based on my trial run it looks as though the cheese-making can stay!

March 6, 2011

Cheese-making : The fulfillment of a dream

I have always wanted to make cheese, spin yarn and live in a close-knit community of artisans. I was born just a little too late to hit the last big opportunity for that here in the United States. But with  the trend to "buy, eat, grow and make local and sustainable produce/products" making a big move, my chance may come again.

I won't uproot my life to move to a kibbutz, but there is a growing sense of community, both locally and on the world-wide web that is refreshing. I love the interaction with like-minded individuals, sharing ideas and experiences that enrich our lives, trying to hold on to, bring back, and create new cherished traditions that are healthier and more sustainable than current practices.

The other day a friend who'd (mis)read my Etsy profile said she didn't know that I made cheese and that she would love to learn how. I let her know that I actually haven't made cheese, just always wanted to. That made me ask myself "Why?". Why haven't I made cheese when it's something I've always wanted to try?