March 18, 2011

Waiting for spring!

Welcome to my Garden! I hope to write about much that happens outdoors at my house. Gardening, building projects, outdoor-gathering ideas, pets and chickens.

On Sunday, spring will officially be here. The weather is supposed to be lovely on Sunday, but we've had quite a week of wild weather here in Boise, Idaho. Take a look at our yard earlier this week!

 The previous weeks' nice weather didn't last. Good thing we were expecting more chilly temperatures!

So tired of snow... Elfie, Tulip and Pearl don't seem  to mind.

But we are anxious to put our little seedlings
 into the ground. They are getting tall and 
spindly and ready for transplant. 
It looks like spring inside, and hopefully
 it will soon look like spring outside, too!

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