June 14, 2011

Chores, Chores, Chores - or - No Time for Dancing!

Life has been busy this spring. While the summer season has not officially started, it is beginning to feel like it might just be here. The plants are really starting to bloom, the grass continues to grow, school is winding up and the tomato plants are starting to perk up. And we have had a couple of projects keeping us busy at home for the past few weeks.

The first was a nice extension to our drip watering system that includes the hops planted around our pergola, the back garden and a few neglected flower beds.

Watering this way is so much nicer, not to mention water-wise. Just turn on the hose, adjust a few valves and     you're watering just what you need to. In a half hour switch the valves and water a couple of different sections.

We are also building a long envisaged fence to enclose our garden. A nice short but sturdy fence that will keep our dogs out yet still let us enjoy the greenery from the yard. This has been a project of a few days, but thankfully the end is in sight. I just need to cut up a few more fence boards and attach them, and Bill has 2 gates to make. 

The fabulous thing about this fence is we are using reclaimed wood from a neighbors old fence. Even the posts and some of the 2 x 4's are recycled. Much better than seeing everything thrown in the landfill.

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