April 10, 2011

New Growth

Here in the Intermountain West it is slowly turning to spring. The days are getting warmer - at least some of them are, and the nights.... Well we don't have to worry about the plants every night anymore. Running outside to cover the beds or bring in the seedling trays when snow or hail threatens adds a hectic beat to the daily dance that is our life. We are putting more and more of our seedlings in the ground, but worry about some of the warm-weather plants that we have started. If the nights don't get warmer soon, our little guys will get too leggy waiting for transplant.

Our little experiment with planting early under a greenhouse-type topper hasn't gone awry yet. And the cool-weather plants like peas, radish and lettuce are really thriving, thanks to the tender loving care my husband has been giving them. Since our kids are grown he has been babying the garden and he does a tremendous job!

It was a nice day, so we pulled back the plastic and let the plants soak up that warm sunshine for awhile. We even made our first harvest of the year! Yumm...

Many of our perennials are also waking up. Day lillies, iris, wind-flower, lupine and hops to name a few.

Soon we will be able to stop covering and uncovering the plants based on wild swings of weather and our life will take on other rhythms. Some will be calmer and some will require the speed and stamina of a salsa dancer, but we will enjoy every moment.

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