April 16, 2011

A busy Saturday

Today was a lovely day for being outside. It was supposed to shower, but the rain held off until this evening, which gave us warm and partly sunny weather for working and playing.

In the garden we opened up the beds so the plants could get some sun and fresh air, did a little weeding and some watering.We transplanted more lettuce starts although the lettuce we seeded outside is doing much better than our indoor starts. That's information to use next year. We also put out some cool weather veggies in the test trenches my husband has been working on.

I finally started the lawn mowing today, about a week and a half too late I'd say. The grass is very long and uneven and still a bit damp. I gave up after stalling the mower for the umpteenth time. I will probably finish in a day or two when it dries out again.

Even the ants liked the weather. Yikes! I guess that's why a few of them have been managing to make their way into the house.

Boise's Downtown Farmers Market started today. Great weather and lots of people out and about. I found some organic raw goats milk, so now I can make some goat cheese! Yummm. I'm thinking I'll roll it in cracked pepper, or maybe chives.

I also completed one project today that I've been working on for my etsy store. My own designs for wine bottle stoppers. I have 3 completed stoppers now, and I must say I think they are pretty cute!

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